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Safeguard Your Budget.
Protect Your Home.
Prevent The Hassle.

Get affordable protection against
unexpected appliance and systems
breakdowns with TotalProtect.

Starting at just
$19.95 per month
Rating: 4.2 from 20,576 reviews
Appliance Repair
Or Replacement
Save $300-$2750 on the repair or replacement of nine major appliances.
Systems Repair
Or Replacement
A/C and furnace fixes average $1600. With us, it's under $100.
180-Day Guarantee
On Workmanship
We stand behind the work our Service Partners perform for homeowners.
Discounts On
Save big on name-brand refrigerators, ovens, washers, and more.
No limit to the number of claims you can file on covered items.
Coverage for systems and appliances, no matter the age, make or model.
No limit to the number of claims you can file on covered items.
Place a claim online, anytime in a few simple steps. It's fast and easy.
One Toll-Free
We're here to help, all day, every day -- even weekends and holidays.
Customer Reviews
"The replacement oven offered to me was not the same as mine. When I informed the representative that I wanted the same oven, she offered to get a price on the oven I wanted, apply the amount of my claim and I pay the difference, which I was happy wit ..." G.N., Austin, TX
"We bought your insurance policy to cover repair or replacement of our home appliances, etc. And we were so impressed that Total Protect did not give us a run around trying to get out of paying the claim. You really did what we believed we were promis ..." M.B., Folsom, CA
"[The service company] sent a very informed and competent technician who knew what he was doing and got the job done in a timely manner. We are more than pleased with the service he/they provided and the system is working beautifully." B.M., Dunnellon, FL
"I've had [the warranty] for three years and it gives me peace of mind knowing my equipment is covered if it needs repair or replacement." F.A., Virginia Beach, VA
"I called on a Friday afternoon, and within 30 minutes or less I was speaking to the technician. The appointment was scheduled for Saturday morning. He arrived, assessed the problems, explained how it would work and jotted down all the information. He ..." J.O., Cape Coral, FL