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Over the years, TotalProtect has received rave reviews from happy homeowners across the country. Read what they have to say about the ease and peace of mind a TotalProtect Home Warranty delivers.

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Customer Testimonials

Homeowners with TotalProtect are quick to tell us if they're satisfied. We're proud to report that they are! See their testimonials below.

"You have service 24 hrs a day and 365 days a year to place any claims for your customers such as myself. That is very helpful for anyone who needs help right away."
- E.D.
Temecula, CA
"[I like] the ability to know that someone will attend to service without having to find a service person. In fact, I recommend your service to all people who have a home. Monthly cost is reasonable even with deductible."
- J.V.
Hackettstown, NJ
"Even though two companies had come out to try to troubleshoot my refrigerator problem and the same issue was not solved, you reached out to find another company to come out to repair it. That was A-plus effort to a customer...I feel you are the best company out there for home protection."
- E.D.
Temecula, CA
"[You] made the decision to replace our broken refrigerator within 24 hours, thereby not leaving us wondering what was going to happen with our claim."
- D.E.
Warren, MI
"This company appears to have customer service at the forefront. This is an exception rather than the rule. You guys rock! "
- P.H.
Lexington, KY
"The ease and the speed from start to finish, and no costs were paid after the deductible. Love the service! "
- D.M.
Mt. Airy, NC