Dryer Safety Tips Resources

Prevent dryer fires in residential buildings by adopting these practices offered by the following online resources.

  1. Tips to prevent fires that start with clothes dryers The Seattle Times examines the rising number of dryer fires and offers tips to prevent them.
  2. Prevent Dryer Fires : An informational sheet from the Massachusetts State Fire Marshal that lists tips that could have prevented 115 dryer fires in 2012.
  3. DRYER SAFETY TIPS : The NFPA reports that the number one cause of dryer fires is improper cleaning.
  4. Clothes Dryer Safety : This NFPA factsheet outlines what you can do in your home to practice clothes dryer safety.
  5. 7 tips to avoid dryer fires : Listen to the tips from Angie's List, a word-of-mouth network that ensures excellent service for households.
  6. Clothes Dryer Fire Safety Tips: The Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Service offers a list of Do's & Don'ts for proper clothes dryer fire safety.
  7. Clothes dryer safety : A safety guide from the Queensland Government in compliance with the Electrical Safety Act 2002 and the Electrical Safety Regulation 2013.
  8. Preventing Clothes Dryer Fires : The Portland Fire and Rescue Fire Marshal's Office released these prevention tips to curb the 15,000 dryer fires that occur annually across the nation.


Indoor Dryer Vent Safety

The dryer safety resources listed below focus on indoor dryer vent safety.

  1. Dryer Vent Safety: United Chimney discusses indoor dryer vent safety in line with suggestions from the Consumer Product Safety Commission.
  2. Dryer Vent Safety : Bob Sisson provides downloads of standards and forms related to indoor dryer vent safety.
  3. Reno Dryer Vent Cleaning Wizard Warning about using Indoor Dryer Vents : Learn about the possible risks and precautions to take before installing an indoor dryer vent.

Dryer Vent Cleaning & Maintenance

Eliminate the likelihood of a dryer fire by implementing the dryer vent cleaning and maintenance tips provided by the resources below.

  1. Product safety tips : A global independent safety science company offers consumers a guide to safely use clothes dryers.
  2. Clothes Dryer Exhaust Vent Installation, Inspection, Maintenance & Safety : Best practices for clothes dryer venting from InspectApedia.com, a free encyclopedia of building resources.
  3. TRANSPORTATION AND OTHER DAMAGE : The NFPA highlights a series of pictures showing the damage caused by fires, transportation accidents and other incidents.
  4. How to Properly Vent a Dryer: A step-by-step guide that describes how to properly vent a dryer, by The Family Handyman.
  5. Tip of the Day: Check your dryer vents: Consumer Reports released a tip of the day on the subject of dryer vent fires.
  6. Dryer Vent Cleaning - Dryer Repair: About.com provides instructions for cleaning dryer vents, complete with photographs and related links.
  7. DRYER VENTING SPECIFICATIONS : Follow the dryer safety specifications as described by AJ Madison, a home appliance provider.
  8. Service by the Holland Dryer Vent Cleaning Wizard Makes Clothes Dryers Safe and Green. Inferior dryer vent systems restrict airflow while increasing lint accumulation, which is a leading cause of dryer fires and higher energy bills. : Get to know the warning signs and watch a news video about the importance of cleaning your dryer vent.

Helpful links not included elsewhere

The resources listed above have been geared toward adults and homeowners, but fire safety education should start as early as possible. The website below is specifically focused on teaching children fire safety.

Welcome to Sparky's fire-safety storybook app and eBook.: The National Fire Protection Association has created this website for kids to learn about fire safety through interactive games and stories.

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