The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act

  1. CBO Monthly Budget Review Fiscal Year 2009: The Congressional Budget Office analyzes the budget and its economic impact in 2009. Paper on the Effects of ARRA by two Dartmouth College professors:  Professors from one of America's premier colleges research whether the ARRA stimulated the economy.
  2. ARRA Funding Accelerates Childhood Leukemia Research: The NIH reports on an accomplishment of the Act.
  3. White House Council of Economic Advisors Feb. 2013 ARRA Report: A detailed report from the White House analyzing the impact of the bill nearly four years later.
  4. Effect of the ARRA on Selected Federal Government Sector Transactions: A table provided by the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis showing savings of the Federal Government.
  5. Reconciliation of ARRA Outlays and NIPA: Statistics from the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis regarding NIPA expenditures.
  6. Monitoring Economic Stimulus in the NIPAs - Update on Economic Conditions: A presentation put together by the U.S. Bureau of Economics that provides graphs about the economic implications on the GDP.
  7. Where Is the Money Going? on In an effort to promote transparency, the U.S. government provides a number of tools for citizens to see the effects of the ARRA.
  8. Did Stimulus Dollars Hire the Unemployed? By professors at George Mason University: A look at unemployment and the ARRA from the Mercatus Center at GMU.
  9. All Inspectors General Reports: The U.S. government provides a comprehensive listing of all reports from the Inspectors General on
  10. Bailout Tracker
  11. ARRA reports compiled by Washington University in St. Louis


Oversight and Admin


The websites compiled below serve as informational resources on how the ARRA is administered and who oversees it.

  1. Office of Inspector General Oversight Plans: Discover how the Office of the Inspector General will oversee the ARRA directly from the source.
  2. President's Economic Recovery Advisory Board: President Obama put together this board to provide a non-partisan analysis of the economy.
  3. FDP subcommittee Administrative Impact Survey Report: The Federal Demonstration Partnership conducted a survey to understand the effects of the ARRA.
  4. Federal Reporting Myths, or Things You May Not Know: A resource from the Pennsylvania Department of Education that discusses areas of the ARRA that often cause confusion about its oversight.
  5. The Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board: This Board exists to provide oversight and accountability for where the funds are appropriated according to the ARRA.
  6. Example of government institutions' oversight procedures: A monitoring plan by the Pennsylvania Department of Education to oversee the ARRA.
  7. OMB Announces New Recovery Act Administrative Costs Guidance for States: The Office of Management and Budget issues an updated administrative costs guidance for states.
  8. Example of Harvard University's ARRA administration within the institution: A case study provided by the Ivy League university that explains the effect of the ARRA on the school.
  9. White House Press Release on VP Biden's assignment to oversee the ARRA implementation: A statement from the White House that discusses the role of the Vice President in overseeing the Act.
  10. Overview of the American Recovery & Reinvestment Act of 2009: The United States Census Bureau provides an overview of the developments under the Act for their department.


Economic Advisers Reports & How Jobs are Estimated

The following resources analyze the American Recovery & Reinvestment Act from an economics and jobs perspective.

  1. Council of Economic Advisors Fact Sheets and Reports: A list of all reports and fact sheets created by the President's Council of Economic Advisers.
  2. The Economic Impact of the ARRA Five Years Later: The President's Council of Economic Advisers analyzes the economic effects in 2014.
  3. Estimates of Job Creation from the ARRA: The official estimate of the number of jobs created by the ARRA by the President's Council of Economic Advisers.

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