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Just How Expensive Are Repairs And Replacements? 
A single breakdown can cost more than a year of warranty coverage.
Customer Reviews
  • "I think it is imperative that families who have mortgages, living on a budget that is already taxed, understand the importance of having this kind of warranty service." J.M., Chicago, IL
  • "You did what was advertised without hidden loopholes or restrictions." J.M., Clayton, NC
  • "Great value and a wonderful 'insurance' policy for an older home." J.M., Raleigh, NC
  • "Came to our home on the day of claim. Stayed past normal business hours. Was very knowledgeable and friendly. We greatly appreciate his excellent service." J.M., Bonner Springs, KS
  • "No matter what the cost of the repair I pay one price. I know what the repair is going to cost when I make the first call." J.M., Pana, IL
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