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Just How Expensive Are Repairs And Replacements? 
A single breakdown can cost more than a year of warranty coverage.
Customer Reviews
  • "Upon making the claim via the internet, I was immediately contacted by a Total Protect representative and connected with a repair company, which immediately made an appointment for a technician to begin the repair process. " E.G., Hanford, CA
  • "I don't have to worry about my appliances or most of the workings of my home breaking down or the cost of fixing or replacing them. I know Total Protect Home Service Plan will be there for me. Just a small deductible will be all that I will have to p ..." J.T., Calabash, NC
  • "I like the peace of mind your service provides. It's great to know that I'll never need to pay more than [a small deductible] to get something in my house fixed." J.H., Delaware, OH
  • "Your company provided a reputable company that knew exactly how to service my refrigerator. They sent out GE themselves, unlike other service plans I've used in the past. I'm very pleased and would recommend this company to everyone I know. 5-star pr ..." T.M., Indianapolis, IN
  • "I have a 5 1/2 yr old with autism and epilepsy and if she gets overheated she will start having seizures, so when my A/C is not working properly it's very serious to me! My claims on AC / furnace were always given high priority due to this and is gre ..." Michael M., St. Louis, MO
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