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Just How Expensive Are Repairs And Replacements? 
A single breakdown can cost more than a year of warranty coverage.
Customer Reviews
  • "I have used Total Protect a number of years and find it to very cost effective. Also, the deductible, out-of-pocket expense is very low compared to the types of repairs that have been done in my home." G.T., Alexandria, VA
  • "I have used Total Protect about 4 times and have ALWAYS been satisfied with the outcome and the process itself. Wouldn't want to be without it!" J.C., Smyrna, GA
  • "I have used Total Protect for a long time and would not want to be without the service." L.R., Bowling Green, KY
  • "I have used Total Protect in the past and found your company to be the best. The response is terrific. We had no heat and it was in all the snow and the wind chill factor outside was in the minus. The representatives you selected came and fixed the p ..." D.B., Selden, NY
  • "I have used TP before and have never had anything but good that you have done for me. After the deductible is paid, I have never been charged for any parts or labor for repairs." H.M., Gainesville, FL
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