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Just How Expensive Are Repairs And Replacements? 
A single breakdown can cost more than a year of warranty coverage.
Customer Reviews
  • "What you do is a blessing to people who live on a small income. We don't have the money to repair or replace expensive appliances when needed." J.H., Shreveport, LA
  • "[The service company] sent a very informed and competent technician who knew what he was doing and got the job done in a timely manner. We are more than pleased with the service he/they provided and the system is working beautifully." B.M., Dunnellon, FL
  • "Knowing that I have Total Protect is a source of great comfort to me and my family. The way that you respond to my needs professionally and promptly is so helpful. You use only the highest quality service providers who always respond in a timely mann ..." L.F., Jasper, AL
  • "It is nice to know that we have a warranty company that responds to and corrects problems in a timely matter. We have already referred you to two other customers because of our confidence in your company's way of doing business. Thank you." K.G., Kansas City, MO
  • "You are a professional company. I think that you take your customers into high consideration in wanting to provide a service for them. " S.P., Winchester, TN
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